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Flood Zone


DocMagic's Premier Flood Determination Services

Property in a flood zone? Our Flood Determination Services give you instant flood information about your borrower's property and neighborhood. No more waiting! Now you can respond quickly to customers with on-the-spot Flood Determinations. If you need a Flood Certificate, it’s one click at any point in the loan process. Get immediate answers... and keep your loan process moving!


      • Stay current with all databases and FEMA Flood Map updates


      • One-click order process for a Flood Certification with your document package


      • Required flood-specific documentation is automatically added to your loan package


      • Aerial imagery of property with street map overlay included


      • Life-of-Loan tracking services included at no extra cost


Get the answers you need immediately... and keep your loan process moving.

Now it's more important than ever to let your customers know if their property is in a FEMA designated Flood Hazard Area! 

In order to identify properties affected by FEMA flood map revisions, records of all current flood map information are maintained and consolidated from five government sources and ultimately verified according to FEMA’s Community Status Book.

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