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Automated Compliance

Compliance expertise powered by technology

It all starts with the Audit Engine...

We believe it's critical to automate Data and Document Validation at all phases of the lending process to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Our Audit Engine automatically tests loan data, applying 1,000’s of data validation, regulatory, and loan-specific audits

Evaluates compliance with applicable laws and regulations and provides links to articles for detailed information

Allows customers to configure, customize and control the severity level of audit warnings

Identifies missing, inaccurate, or improperly formatted data and returns actionable audit findings on screen and in report form

Compliance Edge Premium Subscription

The Compliance Edge, DocMagic’s premium subscription resource, offers the most up-to-date compliance information available from legal analysis to the latest mortgage industry news. The latest mortgage industry laws and regulations are organized into actionable information designed to help you stay on top of compliance. The Compliance Edge is a powerful resource that Premium Subscribers rely on to reduce compliance risk, lower costs and increase operational efficiencies.

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Compliance is part of everything we do

We apply a reliable, consistent and disciplined process to all legal and regulatory updates. Our Compliance Team is actively involved with every aspect of regulatory implementation to our systems.


Our Compliance Department researches and identifies regulatory changes.


We identify any regulatory changes that require a modification to our products and services.


We test and track the implementation of updates and regulatory changes to the Audit Engine.

Automated Compliance

Our automated audit system continuously compares documents and data with all applicable industry laws and regulations to ensure compliance from beginning to end of the mortgage loan process.

TRID Tools

A page devoted to "all things TRID" to assist you with your regulatory compliance efforts. READ MORE

High-Cost Analysis

A detailed breakdown of High Cost/Anti-Predatory lending analysis. READ MORE

Compliance Matrices

More than 20 separate matrices organized by category for easy reference. READ MORE


Federal, FHA, VA and State-specific Disclosure Matrices. READ MORE

Compliance is key!

We can help you to transform your processes through the implementation of automated compliance - a core compononent inside all of our mortgage technology solutions.

Compliance Edge
Helping you navigate the Regulatory Landscape
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Compliance and document management in one place
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Compliance is a part of everything we do:

We’d love to show you why DocMagic is the technology leader that so many lenders turn to for real-world solutions. We are focused on providing you with the tools and services to help your business thrive.

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